How much does it really cost to build a custom home?

I was recently asked a great question. “How much does it cost per square foot to build a custom home?” Everyone wants to know how much it cost to build a new home. But there is much more to it than cost per square foot. Take a look at all things to consider when planning to build a new home.

Question: We are trying to decide if a custom home is within what we would like to spend on a new home. We don't want a particularly large home, probably in the 2000-2500 square feet range. How much per square foot can we expect to spend? 

Typically, new construction homes run between $125-150 per SF (or more) depending on finish-out. The square foot price is determined by under-roof square-footage, so that includes garages and porches. If you want a 2000 SF home with a 2 car garage and a front and back porch, expect it to start at $375,000 and go up from there.

However, there are some other things to consider when pricing. 


If your home is located outside of city limits, you can expect to save a little on permitting cost and time, BUT there will probably be additional costs for adding a well and septic/aerobic systems, which can run upwards of $30,000.

When building on land, you can expect additional costs for things like lot prep, fencing, driveway/flatwork, and a larger than average sprinkler system. 

Tearing down an existing home in the city can cost between $15,000-29,000 on demolition and lot prep. 

The least expensive place to build would be a vacant lot inside a development with city water/sewer. 
Number of bedrooms/bathrooms and landscaping.

The most expensive areas to build in a home are kitchens and bathrooms, so keep that in mind when designing.

Add-ons: Swimming pools or extensive landscaping/sod, expect to add $60,000-$70,000+ for a pool and about $850 per pallet for sod. 

There is sooo much to factor in and consider when designing and building a custom home, that's why we are here to help! Would you like to schedule an appointment to visit us in our office?

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